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Cyber Security

Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2015 to CYBER SECURITY
Small Businesses COMPANIES WITH LIMITED IT RESOURCES (3-100 USERS) Time and resource strapped? Our all-in-one hosted security services and software give you peace of mind. With Trend Micro your business data and your systems are protected in and out of the office. Products Worry-Free Threat and Virus Protection Antispam Data Sync and Backup Security as a Service

The Benefits of Using an External Hard Drive

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 10/1/2014
As computers have become more ingrained into our lives, we find ourselves storing pretty much everything on them as a matter of convenience.

Tips For Choosing A Computer Case

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 9/9/2014
There are two really good rules you need to follow when choosing a case for your new computer. First, you should always choose the case last, after you’ve already chosen all the components, and taken possible future upgrades into consideration. Second, don’t take it lightly. A good case will save you from a world of troubles, so you should choose wisely.

Educational And Wholesome Entertainment On Tablets For Kids

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 9/9/2014
Tablets and smart phones have become the choice distractions for many professionals and business owners. Thanks to the availability of a variety of features, tablets and smart phones have turned into multi-functional devices for work and play. While these gadgets are geared towards adults, there’s now a growing collection of features and apps that can suit the needs and lifestyles of the young. And the good news is that this new generation of tablets is no longer just for play and entertainment- these tablets can work for education as well. All it takes is to shop for features-loaded smart phones suited for kids and shop for apps that are truly responsive to their needs.

Digital Worlds Are Only Growing

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 8/23/2014
The world is only growing more and more electronic, and in order to have a solid retail experience or even an online presence, you need to have the proper tools at your disposal.

Which Digital Camera Should You Get?

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 8/20/2014
There are so many different kinds of cameras out there for you choose from including the one on your phone. With so many choices out there, which should you get? You are going to be told by so many people to go for a specific one, but why should you when that camera costs thousands of dollars and all you really need is a point and shoot? Here are some thoughts to bring into play when you are shopping for a camera.

Storage Devices for Small Business- Making Sense of the Options Available

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 8/5/2014
Whether you are running a start-up or an established retail store in the neighborhood, you’ll need a reliable system of storing and retrieving business data and information.

Selecting the Right Video-Graphics Card

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 8/1/2014
If you are a computer gamer, you probably have at least thought about upgrading your desktop’s video-graphics card. After all, your graphics card is the most important determinant of your system’s gaming performance.

Pros and Cons of All-in-One Computers

Posted by Austin Dynamicx on 7/18/2014
If there’s one word that could be used to describe all the all-in-one computers on the market today, that word would have to be “cool”.